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I am Very excited you have chosen this web site in search of your photography needs -  thank you.

Ansel Adams once wrote: "Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes an art when certain controls are applied."   The art images within these galleries have had "certain controls applied".

An author of Fine Art Photography books wrote,

"Fine art photography is first about the artist, second about the subject, and third about technique. The artist is the most important element in the creation of art. The same artist may, and often does, work with various subjects during his career, using a number of different techniques and possibly a variety of mediums. The goal is to create a work of art; subjects and techniques are both vehicles used in the process of reaching this goal."(1)

One must experience these images in their totality … composition, lighting, the image's “story” - it's effect on your emotions. These images have been Created – the culmination of base image, enhancements, and my “vision” for each.  It is my sincere hope that you believe they can add value to your personal/business environment.  

I believe a Printed image is the best way to relate to it's subtle attributes - details, depth, composition elements, bokeh, etc.  Fine Art Photographic prints really pop with the metallic format.  Order your prints directly from this site using the "Buy Photo" button or click on the shopping cart icon.

Thank you for your business, and please encourage your friends to visit this site for their Fine Art image needs.

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Tim Fontenot


Old Hook On Handrail

Old Hook On Handrail

An old hook on a handrail of a boathouse on Toledo Bend Reservoir, La. side.